Shaqhi Umar

Under Graduate in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Position in IYAP: Director

I never imagined I could be a volunteer at IYAP because my working career was completely unrelated. Fortunately, I was encouraged to take part in the workshop offered. I found that some of my natural abilities were an important part of the job; Empathy, listening skills, non-judgmental attitude. As an IYAP volunteer I have developed a whole new ”vacation” that serves me well in my personal life. I also get a great deal of satisfaction knowing that so many people get the support they need in times of crisis. The team IYAP have a great sense of humor and so much of great friends. You can really make your volunteer experience in to what you want it to be. There are many opportunities within IYAP that you can get involved with, like teaching, fundraising, office work, and even creating special events. Even if you leave Sri Lanka you will always have an opportunity to continually be a part of the organization and help out with its success. The board of IYAP is open to new ideas and will teach you a lot about running an organization and about the Sri Lankan culture. They have a great heart for the community and is really making an impact. Great People, Great Organization! I love my time volunteering at IYAP. I recommend anyone looking for an adventure and a chance to learn to volunteer at IYAP!