Leadership & Skill Development Workshop – Nepal – 20/07/19

We at #IYAP need multifaceted leaders who can act on a broad vision, introduce change, engage the Community, and create sustainable solutions through effective leadership practices. Our Young #leaders across Asia are continually challenged to achieve these high expectations and perform beyond their current capabilities. To maximize their effectiveness and contribution to the organization, leaders need to be equipped with the most relevant knowledge, skills, and tools available today. In this regard IYAP global committee was able to conduct a one day Training on Leadership & Skill Development workshop for members and volunteers of the IYAP Nepal Branch. Special thanks to the #IIYAPNepal Exectuive Committee for being able to organise this workshop and volunteers for their participation. Thanks to Danni Dishon from Sri Lanka on facilitating this young group of volunteers to be more successful in fulfilling their leadership expectations and tackling tough issues and challenges in their communities.

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