International Day For Tolerance 2020

International Day For Tolerance – Tolerance As A Salient Feature For Peace Building

“Tolerance is respect, acceptance, and appreciation of the rich diversity of our world’s cultures, our forms of expression and ways of being human”


YES, Tolerance is indeed a catalyst necessity of this modern world, where societies and communities are undergoing vary of traumas, violence, wars, conflicts, and individuals are in a dilemma of multifaceted discriminations, prejudices, stereotypes, and typical norms. Across the world, we can see that the phenomenon of ‘living together’ and ‘respecting each other ‘ have been distracted due to the ignorance and intolerance towards accepting the differences of people and appreciating the commonalities among us.

In this context, it is essential to foster the dialogue of “the importance of tolerance in peacebuilding” within this new century and new time with a new vision and mission.

Tolerance is an act of humanity; it fuels the constructivism of conflict resolution; it builds up a new path towards sustainable and protracted peace by enduring a culture of peace. Since pluralism and diversity of a society are accepted and strengthened in the pathway of tolerance, the peacebuilding process gets more inclusive by addressing equality, justice, creativity, human rights, freedom, and empowering positive peace.

However, the world is largely driven by an increase in intolerance and cultural conflicts. For this reason, the International Day For Tolerance is salient in order to generate awareness about the importance of tolerance and non-violence in the society. The International Day For Tolerance is annually observed on November 16, since its inception by the United Nations in 1995, to educate people about the need for tolerance and to help them understand the negative impacts of intolerance.

Tolerance is harmony in difference, the virtue that makes peace possible. Let’s learn and practice the principles of tolerance; respect other people’s rights and beliefs. THE WORLD IS IN AN INTENSE OF THUS HUMANS.

Zumana Ziyad

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